Tuition and Fees


The River Bible Institute has the standpoint that a quality spiritual education that trains an individual for service to the Lord Jesus Christ, should not leave that individual with an oppressive financial debt.


We therefore, have not sought the very costly regional accreditation that leads to qualification for government guaranteed student loans. Institutions using such loans generally charge the maximum tuition allowable, leaving the student with a sizeable debt at the completion of their education. For those called to the ministry, it can be very difficult to obey God’s calling with this type of debt lingering over their finances. Therefore, the River Bible Institute elected a less costly, yet just as valid independent accreditation through Transworld Accrediting Commission International.


The River Bible Institute also does not participate in government sponsored grants, for our approach is to provide the most affordable, quality, spiritual education that we can as a ministry to the Lord and His servants.






         $50.00  Application Fee (Non-refundable, one time fee)

       $444.00  General Fee      

    $7,900.00  Tuition Costs          

    $8,394.00 USD (Per Year)


Please note:  The Application Fee is non-refundable.  The General fee covers graduation cap & gown, banquet ticket, technology fees, yearbook costs, facility usage, ID badge fees, and other student related materials and activities. 


The cost of textbooks varies by quarter. Students may choose to purchase textbooks from RSG through the online bookstore on Populi, the college management system. Prices for textbooks will be listed in the bookstore and have not been included in any of the fees or tuition costs. 


Payment is due on or before the first day of classes of each quarter. Payments are to be made at the RU Office. RU will accept cash, checks and credit cards for payment. 


While full scholarships are offered for the River Bible Institute and the River School of Worship, a partial tuition scholarship of $5,900 are available for the River School of Government. The remaining $2,000 is the students' responsibility.



If for any reason you find it necessary to withdraw from school during the course of the quarter, the tuition will be refunded according to the schedule established in the student handbook.


If you are expelled from school, no refund will be given. All requests for refunds must be made within 7 business days of last attended class in order to be considered for a refund. Please allow thirty days for any refund.



At this time, the River Bible Institute does not offer any student loans, grants, or other financial assistance. Students are responsible for all costs. Payment installments are available to assist the student with tuition payments.


Scholarships are available. Any scholarships offered are at the discretion of the President of the River Bible Institute. Students who receive a scholarship to RBI must follow scholarship guidelines and will be evaluated each quarter on an individual basis.