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Recent Events

 Leadership Institute Campaign Management and Candidate Training School 

In December of 2018, some of the students took advantage of a tremendous opportunity to attend the Candidate Training School at the Leadership Institute in Arlington Va. It was a four-day session, with classes touching on subjects such as Developing your Message, Building your Online Presence and The True Nature of Politics. The students and instructors came away with a greater wealth of knowledge about how to tackle some of the issues we face as a nation. These sessions were also very instrumental in building connections for future political endeavors. The Leadership Institute is an amazing asset to any true conservative looking to blaze a path in political leadership.


Now Available

Killing The Planet Book 

In Killing the Planet: How A Financial Cartel Doomed Mankind, best-selling authors Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L. Williams investigate the true motives and consequences of the Pilgrim Society. Early members of the Society included J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Paul Warburg, Mortimer I. Schiff, Otto Kahn, and John D. Rockefeller. Although the Pilgrim Society and the powerful men involved are often praised for their philanthropic actions, Howard-Browne and Williams show that the Society was self-serving and subjected the American people to a brutal system of economic tyranny, one which is still in place today. As a sequel to The Killing of Uncle Sam, Killing the Planet is a thoroughly documented and impeccably researched book, with over 1,500 footnotes. It shows how mankind has become enslaved within the Luciferian world system that is managed and controlled by the world’s wealthiest families. The book is not full of conspiracy theories but instead, unfortunately for all of humanity, full of gut-wrenching facts.

Journey of an RBI Alumni // From Community Building to Nation Building

On January 16th, RSG instructor, students and interns gathered with over 170 individuals and business owners for the bi-monthly Kingdom Business Fellowship. An event held in Tampa, Florida with the goal of teaching and exhorting men and women to build this nation and the Kingdom of God through business and finance. This particular event featured distinguished guest and RBI Alumni, Dr. Matthew Coon Come, former Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec. RSG was honored to hear about Dr. Coon Come’s journey from community building to nation building. An amazing journey which involved transforming communities of fishermen, hunters, and gatherers living in abject poverty and deplorable conditions to a very prosperous and self-sustaining nation. He shared on how this great feat was achieved through the preaching of the gospel, establishing grassroots development projects, and defending the fundamental rights of the First Nations people.


RSG left this event empowered and inspired to work diligently towards seeing another great spiritual awakening in our beloved nation.

The Killing

of Uncle Sam Book

Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Dr. Paul Williams' new book, entitled The Killing of Uncle Sam, was born out of a desire to explore the journey of how we arrived at this place in history, how do we change it, and where do we go from here. Ladies and gentlemen, to understand history, you must understand peoples' motivation-not just their actions. This book is dedicated to the River School of Government.

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